Mexico to Hold off on Destroying 2006 Ballots | Synopsis

Mexico to Hold off on Destroying 2006 Ballots

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Mexican electoral authorities say they are abandoning plans to destroy ballots from the hotly disputed 2006 presidential election after a U.N. human rights commission asked the government to hold off. The president of Mexico’s Federal Electoral Institute says storing the ballots has cost Mexico about $8. 7 million over the last six years. But Leonardo Valdes said Wednesday that Mexico will heed the request and continue to hold the ballots at a warehouse until all concerns are resolved. Leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador claimed vote fraud after he lost the 2006 race to Felipe Calderon by a razor-thin margin of just over a half-percentage point. A partial recount of about 9 percent of ballots carried out soon after the election didn’t change the results. Calderon leaves office Dec. 1.


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Mexico heeds UN rights body’s request to shelve plans to destroy 2006 presidential ballots

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Mexico to Hold off on Destroying 2006 Ballots